GoRaw Bar, Go Spain!

Okay.  First of all, Spain just beat Portugal in soccer, and I’m SOOOOOO happy! Although I’ll miss Cristiano Renaldo’s pretty face, Spain is my absolute favorite team (I’m Spanish).  What a great way to boost my mood before three and a half hours of chemistry!

Anyway, on to food.

Last night, I tried my second Go Raw, the first being their raw granola bar (which was delicious). I like that these bars have roughly five ingredients each – in this case, it was sprouted organic flax seeds, organic apricot, organic raisins, organic date, and organic lime juice.  I also like the crunch of the raw granola bar, so I was expecting to enjoy the texture of this one as well, despite it feeling more chewy through the wrapper.

Unfortunately, “more chewy” is an understatement.  I felt like I was eating leather.  I break my bars rather than bite into them, and I don’t like having to strain to do so.  It was kind of like ripping through a deck of cards, which everybody knows is impossible unless you’re David Blaine.  Also, I was expecting a bit more sweetness, considering it has 21 grams of sugar, although although granted it all comes from the fruit rather than added sweetener.

Conclusion: Live Granola Bar = delicious; Real Live Flax Bar = not so much – although if you enjoy super-chewy foods, give it a try.  You can slightly taste the apricot, though nowhere near as much as in the apricot Clif bars (one of my favorites, which I recommend if you haven’t tried it already).

Fortunately, my evening snack also included this:

Never-fail steel-cut oats made with soymilk, blackberries, and a glob of Trader Joe’s unsalted creamy peanut butter.  A delicious way to end the day.

Anyway, if you’re a Spain fan and/or of Spanish descent, go out and celebrate, and to everyone, have a beautiful day!

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3 Responses to GoRaw Bar, Go Spain!

  1. livelaughlovehopeeat says:

    Thanks for your lovely comment!!! The OJ with sparkling water would be good…. except juice scares me too! Ok…. who am I kidding…. I am scared of EVERYTHING excepts those few select calorie free items! haha
    Are the steel cut oats good? How long do they take to cook. And have you tried overnight oats?? I highly recommend….. soak overnight and no cooking involved! Have them cold. Its good for me because i need to have everything cold…. a weird thing of mine…..
    I was talking to this German exchange student who was telling me to cheer for Germany. I asked who else was playing and he said that Spain and Portugal were playing each other…. I said I planned to cheer for Spain. They asked me why and I said “because its bigger!” haha…. its all I could think of! But now I have a better reason to cheer for them!!
    That bar…… looks weird…… not good…. hmmm….. its interesting though! haha

  2. devan says:

    haha woah.. that bar looks interesting!! it could be good I guess.. I do love Raw foods.!! i am just too scared to re-introduce them right now!

  3. Jenny says:

    That is one flexible bar! I have been LOVING raw bars as of late. They’re just so wholesome tasting. Have you ever had the Raw Revolution bars? fabulous!

    Thanks so much for being such a supportive reader and friend, my dear. Your comments mean so much!

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